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Ethics and Jurisprudence for the Wisconsin Physical Therapist

Course #: 03-871

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CE Credit Hours: 4.00 Continuing Education Credit Hours

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Course Description

CEU Course Description

This CEU course provides continuing competency requirements for ethics, laws and regulations for physical therapists practicing in the state of Wisconsin.  The Code of Ethics for the Physical Therapist (Code of Ethics) delineates the ethical obligations of all physical therapists as determined by the House of Delegates of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).


CEU Course Objectives

  1. Enumerate the roles and responsibilities of the physical therapist.
  2. Compare and contrast the five different ethical approaches and describe how each relates to the standards of practice.
  3. Describe the repercussions of practicing or offering to practice on a license that has expired.
  4. Elucidate the purpose of the Code of Ethics.
  5. Identify three things that physical therapists shall advocate for.


CEU Course Syllabus

  Ethics Introduction and HIPAA   1.15 Contact Hours 
  Wisconsin Therapy Regulations   1.70 Contact Hours
  APTA Code of Ethics and Guide for Professional Conduct     0.55 Contact Hours
  Altruism and Case Examples   0.60 Contact Hours  

Total = 4 Contact Hours

Instructional level:  Basic

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System Requirements

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