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Frozen Shoulder

Course #: 03-1005

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CE Credit Hours: 8.00 Continuing Education Credit Hours

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Course Description

CEU Course Description

Determining the pathophysiological processes of frozen shoulder is a pivotal milestone in the development of novel treatment for patients with frozen shoulder.  The goals of this CEU course are to review what is known to date about the biological pathophysiology of frozen shoulder, summarize the pathological changes associated with primary frozen shoulder, examine whether the right or dominant shoulder is more frequently affected, and explore whether treatment by intra-articular injections with corticosteroid and dissension is more effective than treating with corticosteroids alone or treatment-as-usual in a primary care setting.

CEU Course Objectives

1.  Analyze the influence of brain abnormalities vs. trauma on frozen shoulder.

2.  Describe the pathogenesis of frozen shoulder.

3.  Differentiate between primary frozen shoulder and secondary frozen shoulder.

4.  Estimate the volume that shoulder joint capacity often reduces to in cases of frozen shoulder.

5.  Identify the location where increased vascularity is a common feature.

6.  Provide the most important window for obtaining best results by rehabilitation after arthroscopic capsular release.

CEU Course Syllabus

  Biological Aspects of Frozen Shoulder Pathophysiology   0.80 Contact Hours
  Pathophysiology Review of Primary Idiopathic Frozen Shoulder     2.60 Contact Hours
  Shoulder Dominance   0.50 Contact Hours
  Shoulder Proprioception   0.80 Contact Hours
  Arthroscopic Release   0.80 Contact Hours
  Corticosteroid Injection   1.00 Contact Hours
  Nerve Block with Manipulation   0.50 Contact Hours
  Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment   0.50 Contact Hours  
  Maitland Mobilization Technique   0.50 Contact Hours

Total = 8 Contact Hours
Instructional level: 

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System Requirements

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