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Running and the Effect of Footwear Insoles

Course #: 03-1058

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CE Credit Hours: 3.00 Continuing Education Credit Hours

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CEU Course Description

Fatigue of the musculoskeletal system during running may decrease the ability of the body to absorb shock waves and increase the risk of injury.  Insoles are commonly prescribed to prevent injuries and reduce shock accelerations during running.  The goals of this CEU course are to analyze the acute differences in stride and shock parameters between custom-made and prefabricated insoles, investigate the effects of a leaf spring structured midsole shoe compared to a standard foam midsole shoe on joint mechanics and lower limb muscle forces, and to quantify the effect of shoe midsole hardness on apparent ankle and knee joint stiffness and the associated vertical ground reaction force for age and sex subgroups during heel-toe running.

CEU Course Objectives

1.  Explain why repeated exposure to shock accelerations, as experienced by long-distance runners, is believed to increase the incidence of injury.

2.  Express which lower limb muscle was identified to have the greatest impact on running economy.

3.  Identify the midsole hardness level that resulted in increased vertical impact force peaks.

4.  Name three benefits that have been associated with prefabricated cushioning insoles.

5.  Provide the type of foot shift that resulted in increased stride length and improved running economy.

CEU Course Syllabus

  Intense Running Effects with Custom Insoles   1.0 Contact Hours  
  Midsole Leaf Spring Structure and Force Production     1.0 Contact Hours
  Vertical Impact with Soft Midsole Shoes   1.0 Contact Hours

Total = 3 Contact Hours
Instructional level:  Intermediate

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Course Date: 2019-10-01

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