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Running and the Effect of Footwear Insoles › 3.00hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Total Hip Replacement and Early Progressive Resistance Training › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Home Health with Motor Impairment › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Diabetic Foot Ulceration: Plantar Pressure and Footwear › 6.00hours $54.00  View Course  Take Exam
Lung Cancer and the Effect of Tai Chi › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Barefoot Running Considerations › 5.00hours $45.00  View Course  Take Exam
Plantar Fasciitis and Electrical Dry Needling › 2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Hamstring Strain Risk with Dynamic Exercise › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Frozen Shoulder › 8.00hours $72.00  View Course  Take Exam
Hip Osteoarthritis and Home Exercise › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Prevention and Awareness for Knee and Hamstring Injuries › 6.00hours $54.00  View Course  Take Exam
Low Back Pain: Lumbar Traction › 3.00hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Breast Cancer Lymphedema: Effects of Low Level Laser Therapy › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Shoulder Physical Examination Clinical Performance › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Parkinson's Disease: Postural Instability Interventions › 4.00*hours $36.00  View Course  Take Exam
Cervical Spondylosis: Deep Cervical Flexor Training › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss and Cardiovascular Effects › 6.00hours $54.00  View Course  Take Exam
Lower Extremity Amputation and Leg Blood Flow › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
ACL Repair Surgical Considerations › 6.00*hours $54.00  View Course  Take Exam
Upper Motor Neuron Lesions and Prolonged Ankle Stretching › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Early Mobilization in Patients with Stroke › 4.00*hours $36.00  View Course  Take Exam
Lumbopelvic Rhythm with Trunk Motion › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Cervicogenic Headache › 3.00*hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Low Back Pain: Ideas for Exercise › 2.00*hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Shoulder Impingement: An Athlete Case Study › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
CPR: A Comprehensive Review of the Concepts Behind the Lifesaving Procedure › 3.00hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Low Back Pain: EMG Findings › 2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Prader Willi: Therapy Considerations › 5.00*hours $45.00  View Course  Take Exam
Low Level Laser Therapy and Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Developmental Coordination Disorder: Sensorimotor Therapy ›   2.00*hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Low Back Pain: The Role of Fear › 5.00*hours $45.00  View Course  Take Exam
Multiple Sclerosis and Pain Conditions › 2.00*hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Dementia and Effects of Exercise › 6.00*hours $54.00  View Course  Take Exam
Total Knee Arthroplasty: Stair Negotiation and Gait › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Multiple Sclerosis and Physical Activity ›   5.00*hours $45.00  View Course  Take Exam
Cerebral Palsy Motor Control Advancements › 3.00*hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Cerebral Palsy and Home Based Training › 1.00*hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Cardiac Rehab Effects of Heat and Cold › 1.00*hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Alzheimer's Disease, Prevalence, and Caregiving ›   6.00*hours $54.00  View Course  Take Exam
Disc Herniation Mobilization Comparisons › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Total Knee Arthroplasty Rehabilitation Considerations ›   4.00*hours $36.00  View Course  Take Exam
Post-Partum Coccydynia Muscle Energy Techniques › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Total Knee Arthroplasty - High Flexion Prosthetic & Exercise ›   3.00hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Intervertebral Disk Degeneration and Smoking › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Diastasis Recti Abdominis and Plank Exercise › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
HIV / AIDS ›   2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and Role of PT › 2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Cerebral Palsy - Advancements in Upper Extremity Therapy › 2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Ankle Dorsiflexion Effects on Gait and Balance › 1.00*hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Rett Syndrome: Biology, Development, and Prognosis › 4.00hours $36.00  View Course  Take Exam
Diabetic Neuropathy: Gait Specific Motor Control › 1.00*hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Dystonia: Current Knowledge and Treatment ›   4.00*hours $36.00  View Course  Take Exam
Neck Pain in Office Workers: Consequences and Supervised Training › 2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Plantar Fascial Pain - Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy › 3.00hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Total Hip Replacement Recovery Considerations › 3.00*hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Yoga › 2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Rotationplasty › 2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Running Considerations with Amputation › 4.00*hours $36.00  View Course  Take Exam
Whiplash Therapy Management › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Senior Drivers › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Autism Spectrum Disorder › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Fibromyalgia › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Transtibial Amputation Prosthetic Comparisons › 5.00hours $45.00  View Course  Take Exam
Muscle Recruitment in Cycling with Older Adults › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and Exercise › 4.00hours $36.00  View Course  Take Exam
ICU-Acquired Weakness Therapy Considerations › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
COPD Manual Diaphragm Manipulation › 1.00*hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Virtual Reality Therapy for Patients with Stroke › 3.00hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Hippotherapy with Neurological Disorders › 3.00hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Spinal Cord Injury Therapy Review › 3.00*hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Tennis Elbow Treatment Approaches › 2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
ACL Injury and the Gender Affect › 3.00hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Pelvic Floor Issues: Incidence, Quality of Life, and Exercise › 3.00hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Exercise Effects on Cancer Survivors › 2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Temporomandibular Disorders - Treatments and Outcomes › 2.00*hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Burn Treatment Advancements › 3.00*hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Shoe Modifications for Adults with Knee Osteoarthritis › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Parkinson's Disease Exercise Mode Comparison › 5.00hours $45.00  View Course  Take Exam
Multiple Sclerosis and Exercise Program Intensity › 3.00hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Biofeedback in Rehabilitation ›   2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Position Sense Changes with Aging › 2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Low Back Pain: The Effect of Changing Movement and Posture Using Motion Sensor Biofeedback › 3.00hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Chronic Musculoskeletal Conditions and Neuroplasticity in the Central Nervous System › 2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
TMJ Overview and Jaw Dysfunctions Associated with the Cervical Spine › 3.00hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Ankle Sprains - Effects of Kinesiotape Application › 2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Gait - Effects on Posture and Gait While Walking and Texting › 3.00hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Non-Surgical Management › 10.00*hours $90.00  View Course  Take Exam
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Medical Treatment Guidelines › 5.00hours $45.00  View Course  Take Exam
Gait Rehabilitation - Brain Computer Interfaces › 5.00hours $45.00  View Course  Take Exam
Stroke Rehabilitation - Enhancing Locomotor Function › 2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Spinal Cord Injury - Correcting Seated Posture › 2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Lower-Limb Amputation - Spinal, Pelvic and Hip Movement Asymmetries › 3.00hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Massage effects on Acute Myelogenous Leukemia › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Integrative Manual Therapy Part 2, SpecificTherapies & Protocols to Correct Extremity Dysfunction › 5.00hours $45.00  Get the Book  Take Exam
IMT Part 1 - Muscle Energy and 'Beyond' & Strain/Counterstrain for Extremity Hypertonicity › 10.00hours $90.00  Get the Book  Take Exam
Hydrotherapy Outcome Measures for People with Arthritis › 2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Balance Outcome Measure for Elders in Acute Care › 1.00hours $9.00  View Course  Take Exam
Hamstring Stretches - Frequency Required to Maintain Knee Extension Range of Motion › FREE! 1.00hours FREE  View Course  Take Exam
Ethical Guidelines for the Use of Social Media in Healthcare › 2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Medical Treatment Guidelines › 2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Knee Injury Medical Treatment Guidelines › 3.00hours $27.00  View Course  Take Exam
Cervical Spine Injury Medical Treatment Guidelines › 10.00hours $90.00  View Course  Take Exam
Preventing Pressure Ulcers in Hospitals › 11.00hours $99.00  View Course  Take Exam
Concussion & Mild Traumatic Brain Injury › 8.00hours $72.00  View Course  Take Exam
Autonomic Nervous System and Related Disorders - Utilizing Integrative Manual Therapy › 15.00hours $135.00  Get the Book  Take Exam
Alzheimer's Disease › 8.00hours $72.00  View Course  Take Exam
Building Trust in the Workplace › 1.00hours $9.00  Watch Videos  Take Exam
Medical Errors Prevention ›   2.00hours $18.00  View Course  Take Exam
Communicating with Geriatric Patients › 4.00hours $36.00  View Course  Take Exam