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Effects of Qigong on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Course #: 03-644

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CE Credit Hours: 3.00 Continuing Education Credit Hours

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Course Description

***Due to the age of the material this course will be expiring on 05/01/2019***

CEU Course Description

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a complex, medically unexplained, and debilitating condition. The goals of this CEU course is to evaluate the effectiveness of Qigong exercise on sleep, fatigue, anxiety, depressive symptoms, and physical and mental functioning in patients with CFS-like illness.


CEU Course Objectives

  1. Enumerate the adverse events of Qigong exercise.
  2. Investigate for which patients Qigong exercise improves sleep quality.
  3. Examine how stress plays an important role in chronic fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  4. Describe how Qigong exercise effects telomerase activity. 


CEU Course Syllabus

  Qigong Effects on Symptom Management        1.0 Contact Hours  
  Qigong Effects on Functioning and Telomerase Activity     1.1 Contact Hours
  Qigong Effects on Fatigue, Anxiety and Depression     0.9 Contact Hours

Total = 3 Contact Hours

Instructional level:  Basic

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