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Low Back Pain: Lumbar Traction

Course #: 03-988

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Course Description

CEU Course Description

Lumbar traction is a commonly used method to treat patients with low back pain (LBP).  Although previous reviews have concluded that lumbar traction is not effective for patients with LBP, many clinicians continue to assert its clinical effectiveness.  The goals of this CEU course are to explore the various traction intervention protocols and evaluate the real effectiveness and indications of this specific physical therapy.

CEU Course Objectives

1.  Compare and contrast mechanical traction, manual traction, auto-traction,and gravitational traction.

2.  Conclude which tilt degree of the traction table resulted in improved levels of pain, spine flexibility, and trunk extensors strength compared to other tilt degrees.

3.  Determine the traction force that Saunders proposed as most optimal.

4.  List three of the main adverse effects of inversion traction.

5.  Name the main goal of the Multiple Impulse Therapy.

6.  Provide three things accomplished by traction mechanisms.


CEU Course Syllabus

  Intervention Variability
  1.35 Contact Hours  
  Review of Results for Different Diagnoses. 
  0.75 Contact Hours
  Axial Traction and Impulse Therapy
  0.90 Contact Hours


Total = 3 Contact Hours
Instructional level:  Intermediate

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System Requirements

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