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Lower Extremity Amputation and Leg Blood Flow

Course #: 03-966

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Course Description

CEU Course Description

It is important to prevent loss of daily activity following lower leg amputation.  Physical therapist commonly recommend resistance training exercises for the below the knee amputation poplulation which include repeated hip/knee - extensor-flexor exercises. In relation to the interplay between cardiovascular regulation and muscle energy metabolism, the increase in exercising leg blood flow (LBF) is directly proportional to the workload performed.  The goal of this CEU course is to measure exercising limb circulatory response in amputated and non-amputated lower legs in order to understand the time course in LBF, the relationship between LBF and muscle contraction strength, and how other hemodynamic parameters such as blood pressure and heart rate may be altered.
Such evaluation of thigh muscle stump contraction-induced peripheral circulatory dynamics may influence exercise prescription such as muscle contraction intensity and/or frequency. 

CEU Course Objectives

1.  Conclude for which exercise intensity the peak muscle contraction strength at each kick linearly declined from onset to the end of exercise in the amputated lower leg.

2.  Provide the differences seen between the amputated lower leg and the non-amputated lower leg for peak muscle contraction strength and LBF at steady-state.

3.  Summarize three findings of the recovery phase.

CEU Course Syllabus

  Lower Extremity Amputation and Blood Flow Overview  
  0.1 Contact Hours  
  Dynamic Knee Extensor Exercise
  0.1 Contact Hours
  Muscle Contraction Measurements
  0.2 Contact Hours
  Results and Discussion
  0.6 Contact Hours


Total = 1 Contact Hour
Instructional level:  Intermediate

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