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Ankle Fracture Post Operative Rehabilitation

Course #: 03-513

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Course Description

CEU Course Description

Ankle fractures are the most common type of lower extremity fracture and among the most common types of fractures worldwide.  The goal of this CEU course is to evaluate if a standardized but individually suited training program, supervised by a physiotherapist, can improve symptoms and physical outcomes in patients compared to usual care.  In addition, separate aspects of the postoperative care regimen, such as effect of ankle exercises, weight-bearing, and unprotected treatment are analyzed in order to tailor clinical advice accordingly. This course is based off of articles by BioMed Central Ltd. and PLOS ONE.


CEU Course Objectives

1.  Determine the number of days that active mobilization results in earlier return to work and/or daily activities.

2.  Explain the most important guidance in the training progress.

3.  Scrutinize the benefit of neuromuscular compared to traditional strength training after knee ligament injuries.

4.  Describe what has been found as a strong predictor of stair-climbing and walking performance.


CEU Course Syllabus

  Introduction and Methods of Study on Training Program   0.38 Contact Hours  
  Results and Conclusion of Study on Training Program   1.12 Contact Hours
  Introduction and Methods of Study on Weight Bearing and Mobilization     0.68 Contact Hours 
  Results and Conclusion of Study on Weight Bearing and Mobilization   0.82 Contact Hours

Total = 3 Contact Hours

Instructional level:  Intermediate

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System Requirements

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